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Being Motivated To Move

After I realized that the business that I worked for was starting to grow internationally, I volunteered to move so that I could see the world. I knew that the country where I would be heading didn't have apartments and houses the size I was used to, so I started looking for different ways to store my belongings. I also focused on improving my family's attitude about relocating, which helped everyone to be motivated to stay organized and complete the move successfully. This blog is all about being motivated to move and doing things correctly, so that you can enjoy a new place.


Moving? What Rooms You Should Start Packing First

Moving to a new location and home can be quite the exciting adventure, but it can also cause a great amount of undue stress. Luckily, this stress and anxiety can be combated with a bit of planning and organization to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. This article will focus on simple packing tips, particularly which rooms you should focus on packing up first during a move.

The Attic and Basement

Ultimately, when packing up your home, you should begin with the storage rooms like the attic and/or basement. The items that are stored within these rooms, such as collectibles, holiday decorations, old memorabilia, and the like, are not used very often, which means that they won't be missed for a period of time while they are packed away. While the items in these rooms may be of importance to you, if they aren't used on a daily basis, then they should be packed sooner rather than later.

The Closets

Once you have organized and packed the items from the attic and basement into boxes, it is time to move onto another area of your home: the closets. Depending on when your actual moving day is, you can likely pack the majority of your clothing. For instance, if the big day is a couple of weeks away, you should go ahead and pack everything in the closet except the clothing that you will require for that period of time—and only keep the minimum amount of clothing that you need and nothing extra. If you are not sure where to begin, simply start by packing your out-of-season clothes. So if it summer now, get those winter clothes out of the closet and packed away in a box.

Non-Essential Items From Various Rooms

Once you have finished the closets, your next step is to start packing up non-essential items. These items will be scattered throughout different rooms in the home, so they aren't specific to any room. To pack these items, you will need to think about what will be needed between now and your moving day. All items that aren't essential should be packed up, which includes specialty items like your china. Other items include artwork, pictures, picture frames, candles, books, extra linens and towels, etc.

When you make the decision to pack up these storage areas of the home first (along with the non-essential items), the moving process goes a lot smoother and quicker. For more information on getting packed and ready to move or to schedule a moving truck and movers for the big day, get in touch with a moving service like Baker Moving.