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Being Motivated To Move

After I realized that the business that I worked for was starting to grow internationally, I volunteered to move so that I could see the world. I knew that the country where I would be heading didn't have apartments and houses the size I was used to, so I started looking for different ways to store my belongings. I also focused on improving my family's attitude about relocating, which helped everyone to be motivated to stay organized and complete the move successfully. This blog is all about being motivated to move and doing things correctly, so that you can enjoy a new place.


Identify These Key Features At Every Storage Facility You Use

Security, cleanliness, and ease of access are just a few traits that storage facilities want their customers to feel when using their storage units. Protecting against theft and keeping a clean house may seem like simple concerns for a storage business, but you may be surprised at a few mistakes that go unseen until the problem gets out of hand. Here are a few inspection points to keep in mind for choosing a new storage facility, or to make a facility you like just a bit better.

Security Inspection Points

Storage units are prime targets for theft. Although many storage customers may keep fairly unimportant goods such as old clothes or furniture in storage, quite a few storage units hold valuables that can't be held at home or at the business because of space constraints.

If your belongings could fetch a decent price at a pawn shop, you'll need more than a padlock. The most basic storage facilities will use drawn-down or rolling doors that are secured by a metal loop, latch, and a lock that you provide.

Picking a strong lock is key to maintaining security. Regardless of the lock brand, make sure that the lock's bar is a thick, reinforced type that can withstand breaking and bolt cutting attempts. If the storage facility doesn't have security or staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a thief just needs to pick a night with no distractions to clip a few random, weak locks to get what they can.

This is a concern for the lowest budget storage facilities. To reach higher security without investing in expensive locks, an indoor facility is a big help. Closed walls and a set of security cameras can deter or at least slow down thieves, and around the clock security guards makes your belongings even safer. It all depends on your budget and the features available.

Cleanliness And Filtering

A quick walk through of any storage facility is enough to tell you if the facility cleans up after previous renters, but that doesn't hide all cleanliness requirements.

For belongings such as computers that are more difficult to dust clean than most storage objects, an air conditioning and air filtering system is necessary. If you're interested in air quality, limit your search to storage facilities offering air conditioning, and be sure to inspect the filter.

Central air conditioning will have filters at a single location, or a few key maintenance areas if the facility is big enough. Ask to see the filter and look for any tears or dents that could allow dust and debris to enter the airflow system. If the filter is dirty when you check, ask the staff to clean it and be sure to check again in a few months to see if they're staying on top of cleaning.

Contact a storage facility management team, like Arctic Self Storage, to set up a visit and inspection, and keep an eye out for the quality of their key features.